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Our office is located in Pereira, the coffee capital of Colombia also known for having the most beautiful women in Colombia.

For fast reliable insider- information, join our SEARCH & HOLIDAY-SERVICE ! Speak with one of our representatives that speaks fluent English, also native Americans that now call Colombia home, enjoying it's fabulous abundant beauty and lifestyle.

We will receive you at the airport and accompany you to your desired accommodations. We offer rooms in beautiful private homes with swimming pools, saunas and hot tubs. As well as many other choices from beach front properties to gorgeous country side villas and hotels , with all amenities and services available.
We introduce you to several beautiful, talented women interested in meeting you and spending time together, whether for just your vacation or a more permanent relationship. We also can advise you of the best places to go out , for dinning, dancing, or whatever your interest maybe.

We complete your stay with exciting excursions and tours to the surrounding coffee zone with her romantic farms, idyllic little villages and breathtaking, tropical landscapes.

Spend romantic days as a couple in wonderful surroundings and ambiance – the perfect base to get to know each other better and maybe also for the beginning of a great love.

Colombian women are not only known to be some of the nicest women in the world, but offer a temperament and passion most men can only dream of.

If by chance you have already fallen in love with a Colombian women? Met someone on the internet that could become the love of your life, and now you would like to visit your cupid in Colombia to get to know her better.
Then join our individual PARTNER- TRAVEL- SERVICE !

Most Colombian women lack the opportunity and often the necessary (petty cash), but would love to travel and to get to know the charming regions of your own country.

Surprise your Latin love with the present of a small journey as a pair. Whether as a honeymoon- weekend at a pretty country destination, romantic days at a Caribbean island or as an individual tour to the nicest destinations of the country. The possibilities are endless.

With pleasure we help you with your individual planning and realization of your trip. We organize, and can accompany you discreetly and are also available when translations are needed.


Trust is good, but control is better. Especially in this day and age when more and more couples are experiencing relationships across the borders with many different cultures.

Due to the distance and complexities of the Internet you may still have some doubts if your Colombian cupid tells you the complete truth and if you can have full confidence in her ?

With our PARTNER- INVESTIGATION- SERVICE we help you to dispel your last doubts.

In cooperation with a reputable, worldwide active detective agency we check up your darling anonymously and thoroughly with professional discretion and give you an objective insight about her local life and if what she tells you (or whatever you would like to know), is well-founded or if her statements are not completely accurate.

With this certainty up your sleeves you can concentrate on the essentials - Your relationship and love.

Contact us by email, and or request to speak with one of our representatives and we will be pleased to answer any of your questions or concerns....

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